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Hand Therapy: Wave Goodbye to Your Hand Pain

Imagine a world where you wake up to see that your hand, finger, and wrist pain is longer limiting you. Your grip strength has improved. You have more flexibility and movement in your hand. With the help of hand therapy, this can be possible. It’s time to stop letting pain win; take back your control of your hands!


What is hand therapy?


It is a form of occupational therapy that is focused on the hands, wrists, and fingers. It can include types of manual therapies–such as joint mobilization, stretching, etc.–and therapeutic exercises. Ultimately, the type of physical therapy techniques used should be unique to your specific case.


How can it help you?


Hand therapy has numerous benefits for your upper extremities, such as:


  • Pain relief: Hand therapy techniques–like manual therapy, stretching, and electrical stimulation–can help alleviate pain associated with hand injuries or conditions, such as arthritis.
  • Improved range of motion: Hand therapy exercises and interventions focus on restoring and enhancing the range of motion in the fingers, hand, wrist, and arm, promoting flexibility and functional movement.
  • Strengthening muscles: Targeted hand therapy exercises help strengthen weakened muscles, enhancing grip strength, coordination, and overall hand function.
  • Enhanced functional abilities: Hand therapy aims to improve hand and upper extremity function for daily activities such as writing, typing, grasping objects, and performing fine motor tasks, enabling individuals to regain independence and confidence.
  • Customized treatment plans: Hand therapy offers personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s specific needs, considering their diagnosis, goals, and functional limitations for optimal outcomes.


What conditions can benefit from hand therapy?


There are many conditions that can benefit from hand therapy, especially when it is customized to fit your specific needs. Some people wonder “Does hand therapy work for carpal tunnel syndrome?” or “Does hand therapy work for arthritis?”, and we are here to tell you…yes! From carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis to nerve injuries and chronic pain, we specialize in different hand therapy techniques that will relieve your pain and bring back function to your hands and wrists. Patients with tendinosis, fractures, burns, and neurologic conditions may also benefit from hand therapy.

What to expect from hand therapy?

In hand therapy, you can expect manual therapy–like stretching, myofascial therapy, scraping, and more–, along with electrical stimulation, and some therapeutic exercises. Our customized hand rehabilitation programs are designed to find the best hand exercises and hands-on treatments for you.

Is hand therapy painful?

While hand therapy can be uncomfortable at times, our hand therapy specialists’ ultimate goal is for your recovery. If we believe we are able to help you recover from hand injuries with therapy, then we will do what we can to ensure that you have a good experience along with effective treatment.

Pick Catalyst PT For Your Needs

Here at Catalyst PT & Diagnostics, we customize your treatment with targeted hand exercises for recovery, hands-on treatment, and can even go as far as diagnosing conditions. For example, we have up to 99.5% accuracy diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome through our EMG/NCV testing.When you come to our clinic, you get a unique experience between our one-on-one physical therapy and diagnostic capabilities. So, don’t continue living in pain and wondering if anything can be done. Call Catalyst PT today at 727-286-8408 or schedule a free consultation to start your road to recovery.

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