Core Strength

A Strong Core Doesn’t Mean “6 Pack Abs”

A strong core is important for many reasons. It helps you move more efficiently and effectively by stabilizing your body and keeping it balanced.

You know the drill: Sit up straight, stand tall, and pull in that belly. Whether you’re standing in line at Starbucks or in a meeting, chances are you’ve heard similar advice. It’s good advice—and it’s also one of the most commonly ignored pieces of advice out there.

It doesn’t mean having six-pack abs or a chiseled midsection, though that’s a nice bonus. It means developing muscle strength through the entire body, including the deep abdominal muscles that support your spine and pelvis and help you maintain proper posture.

There are two basic types of core strength: static and dynamic. Static strength refers to your ability to hold a position for an extended period of time (think plank). Dynamic strength refers to your ability to generate force quickly (think sit-ups).

The key to developing a strong core is learning how to activate these muscles properly so they work in unison with each other while performing different types of movements.

Let us help build you a core strengthening program that will help you with balance, proper movement, posture and injury prevention.

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